Internet Partners is committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. As part of this

commitment, we've included the following services right from the convenience of your web browser!

Internet Parners, Inc. WEB-BASED EMAIL

  • Check Your eMail   Horde interface containing both web-based calendaring you can use for your individual day planning, and web-based e-mail that you can use to read and send e-mail using your IP mailbox.

     NOTE: Personal preferences and calendaring events are saved across sessions in a database, however Internet Partners does not guarantee to retain them indefinitely. If you like this interface and wish to use it for your company, please contact Internet Partners Inc. sales for access to a server that has a shared calendaring version of this software, web-based Address Book and Contact Management, web-based Time Tracking, and several other business software application suites.


  • ICRADIUS User Statistics Web Interface
    Check your dial-up usage.
  • Read Usenet News
    Read and post to Usenet newsgroups from your browser.
  • Check to see if your eMail host is Blacklisted
    Use this link to see if your eMail host is Blacklisted is an OPEN RELAY.  Enter an IP address or an rdns domain name and find out which blacklists (if any) list it.

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