Welcome to the web interface to the Internet Partners Usenet News server. This server is publically accessible only via the Web. NNTP access is only available to dedicated and dialup customers of Internet Partners connected to the IP network. If you would like to become an IP customer, please register on our online form.

          This server runs the Readnews perl scripts and software. There are no search capabilities on this server. The news software itself is INN. Readnews was selected because it places a minimal load on the news server and is Open Source software.

          If a legitimate newsgroup is missing from this server that you wish to read then please e-mail webmaster@ipinc.net. If you are not an Internet Partners customer then do not contact us any further. The newsgroup should appear on the server within a few days. If it appears but no articles get posted to it after several days then no articles for this group are being fed from our newsfeed.

          Any abuse of this server will result in an IP subnet block against the source network followed by a letter to your ISP detailing the damage done and log entries of the attack. Enjoy the server!

Readnews Web Newsreader

          Readnews retrieves the most recent article headers in a Usenet newsgroup. It displays each article's date, title and sender, and prints a link to read the article itself with the readmsg script. At the bottom of the page, readnews displays a status bar from which you can retrieve earlier batches of article headers. Ordinarily, readnews takes its input from a query string appended to its URL. But readnews can also take its input from an HTML form, to search for newsgroup names. If the form input doesn't match a specific newsgroup, then readnews searches for newsgroup names that match any of the input strings. It searches the news active file or, if that's not available, reads the list of newsgroups from the server via NNTP. It ranks the results by how many of the input strings each newsgroup name matches.

          Readmsg displays an individual article. It converts e-mail addresses and URLs in the text to hyperlinks. It tries to avoid making hotlinks of article IDs. But since it looks for e-mail addresses and URLs line by line in the message, it can miss clues on the previous line about what's an article ID.

          For serious newsreading, we strongly recommend a true NNTP newsreader program. A popular Windows newsreader is Outlook Express, bundled with Windows 98, and with Internet Explorer 4 for Windows 95. Another popular newsreader is Free Agent Newsreader, available at http://www.forteinc.com/agent/index.php These programs will NOT work with this news server unless you are a customer of Internet Partners.

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