05/01/2013 Internet Partners, Inc. is no longer selling DSL. The local telephone companies that sell DSL have undercut all ISP's that sell DSL at this point, and it is no longer a profitable market. We recommend that our customers migrate to Cable if it is available, DSL if not. We do not recommend wireless ISP services like Clear (which folded in 2013 and was purchased by Sprint)

09/01/2011 Internet Partners, Inc. moved to our new business office located at 2001 NW Aloclek Drive, # 212 - Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-8050 . To view a map of our new location Click here .

Old News

04/24/2009 Friday - We at Internet Partners, Inc. / Seasurf Internet are always updating on our systems to try and provide to our customers the best service possible. As part of that continuing effort we are always looking for another way to help stop the flow of eMail SPAM (unsolicited eMail) on the Internet.

We are starting the process of blocking port 25 traffic to the Internet from our customers. If your eMail client software on your local computer is not configured correctly once the block is put in place you will be able to receive eMail messages, just not send them.

So at this time we will need you to check to make sure that your eMail software on your local host computer system is correctly configured. We have “How-To Guides” on our website that should help you with this task. If you only use one of our web based eMail systems like Horde, or @pen Webmail to read your eMail this will not be an issue.

Problems with the original SMTP model in the Modern World

One of the problems with the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) model in the modern world is that although consumers get their eMail using POP/IMAP they still send eMail using SMTP. The problem with this is that receiving SMTP servers have no way to distinguish a connection from a real eMail server from a virus infected spam bot. The SMTP protocol has evolved though and there are now new alternatives that have been standardized and we believe that using the existing RFC standards we can help isolate spam bot traffic so it cannot be sent from our network using SMTP. The trick is to prevent consumer’s computers from talking to servers other than the outgoing SMTP server they are supposed to use. This can be accomplished by using SMTP Submission port 587 instead of SMTP on the standard port 25.

Submission can be as simple as SMTP on an alternate port without a password but restricted to the ISPs customers, or it can be authenticated SMTP open to the world but requiring a user name and password to access. The best model to use is authenticated SMTP requiring a user name and password. RFC 4954 and 5068 cover “Internet Best Current Practices for the Internet Community” in regards to outgoing eMail.

Switching on Port 587 for Outgoing eMail

We have added port 587 to accept outgoing eMail from our customers on a number of host systems. Any new customers eMail clients are configured to use authenticated SMTP port 587. This will start to alter the way we have processed eMail to prevent consumers computers from talking directly to inbound servers. Inbound servers will have port 25 closed or restricted to authenticated users only. All of our outbound servers support authenticated SMTP port 587 so that consumers can start to switch at any time. eMail clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird should default to port 587 instead of port 25. We have on-line guides to help in the change under the “How-To Guides” on our websites.

Critical Mass for Viruses, and Worms

In order for the botnet armies to maintain themselves they need to spread so that new computers are infected to replace the ones that have been cleaned. If viruses are isolated so they can't spread via eMail it will make it much harder for the criminal botnet systems to steal your money. By implementing these policies we hope to reduce the spread of viruses, worms, and slow the growth of botnets. We know that viruses, and worms are primarily transferred through either spam, or TCP/IP hacking. Spam botnet isolation, and spam fighting technology can stop viruses, and worms from spreading through spam only to a given point. NAT technology like that used by most all DSL modems can protect consumers from TCP/IP hacking. By doing what is talked about here then we can help contain the problem, and hope to one day have a solution that will eliminate it.

ISP Responsibility

Anyone who provides an internet based service should take reasonable measures to ensure that the consumers they connect to the Internet are reasonably protected from the Internet and are not a hazard to the rest of the web. We think as your ISP we have some responsibility to keep our users out of trouble, and to keep them from causing trouble for the rest of the world’s Internet users.

We look to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Of course you can't eliminate all problems entirely but where technology, and policy exists to minimize these problems we are always looking for the best way to implement them.

Blocking Internet Traffic

Our policy from the very first was to not block any traffic unless it was causing harm to others. We have from time to time had to disconnect someone’s connection because of an attack coming from that connection. At this time due to the nature of the problem that the criminals are now more than ever out to steal your money we have to take a new course.

Port 25 is the default SMTP connection to send an eMail messages to other host computer systems on the Internet. By default at this time dial-up connections can not send eMail via port 25 to host computer systems on the Internet. The next group that we are going to block port 25 traffic on is our DSL customers.

Customers with their own eMail servers

We will work with customers that are running their own eMail server. These customers will need to have port 25 so that their eMail server can talk directly with other host eMail servers on the Internet.

The customer’s connection will need to limit port 25 traffic to only their own eMail server traffic. Other host computer systems on the customers network that are looking to send eMail via other hosts on the Internet will need to work with that company on the changes that will need to be made to use an alternate port to send eMail.

One again we at Internet Partners, Inc. / Seasurf Internet are always updating on our systems to try and provide to our customers the best service possible.

02/16/2009 Monday - Major problems caused to Internet BGP routing early today starting around 8:20 AM PST by changes that look to originate in Europe. . . Issues look to be resolved at this time . . .

Wednesday 01/2/2008- NETSCAPE IS DEAD! Users of the web browser Netscape Navigator should begin using another browser, such as Mozilla's Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer...development of Netscape Navigator has ended and support for this browser will end around Feb. 1st, 2008. To read more, visit computerworld Note that there is a "skin" for the Firefox browser called "Foxscape" that gives the current version of Firefox the look and feel of Netscape.

Thursday 01/19/2006 - In a continuing effort to provide our customers with enhanced service we have added a new feature to how eMail is processed. This will have no effect on valid eMail traffic that conforms to the current eMail standards [RFC’s].  We are making this change in a continuing effort to cut down on the amount of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) SPAM that is being delivered to our customers. 

Thursday 11/03/2005 – We performed eMail server update maintenance, and the eMail server was off-line for a brief period.  The maintenance was completed, and the eMail server was brought back on-line around 4:00 a.m. We now have the latest versions of SpamAssassin™ , and ClamAV™.

07/02/2004 Internet Partners, Inc. moved to our new business office located at 1800 NW 167th Place Suite 160 - Beaverton, Oregon 97006-8132 . To view a map of our new location Click here .

We have renumbered our network.

Internet Partners, Inc. completed the renumbering of our network.  Even after well over two years we still have some customers who continue to request DNS lookups from our old DNS host on the old IP addresses.  Please note that when you setup a new host computer unless otherwise instructed everything should be setup to automatically obtain this type of information.

New AntiVirus program added

Internet Partners, Inc. now has added a new feature to our eMail server. Clam AntiVirus as a new frontline protection for eMail processing.  Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit. The main purpose of this software is the integration with eMail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are based on a shared library. Most importantly, the virus database is kept up to date.  Click here for more information.

Remember that Clam AntiVirus is only a frontline feature to help protect you computer. You still need to make sure that your computer contains the latest patches for the operating system, antivirus, and other software that is used to protect your computer.

New program to help you fight SPAM

Internet Partners, Inc. has added the SpamAssassin™ program in effort to help our partners fight SPAM.  Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify "spam", also known as unsolicited commercial email.  Click here for more information.

Remember that SpamAssassin is only a frontline feature to help protect you computer. You still need to make sure that your computer contains the latest patches for the operating system, antivirus, and other software that is used to protect your computer.

New tool to improve your DSL connection (Windows XP Only)

Internet Partners, Inc. has added a link to a tool if you have a high-speed Internet connection such as a DSL line, this AutoFix may be able to increase your Internet speed. Click here to run tool (choose "open" to run tool). We suggest the "Typical Latency" setting.  PC Pitstop provides this tool.

Check your connection speed

Tests on our network [Note: Java base tests require that Java be installed www.java.com ]

Tests from other points on the Internet

Internet speed depends on a lot of network factors. The internet speed you receive is determined by the slowest link in the chain leading to and from your computer. This includes numerous switches, routers, servers, and host computers it takes to transfer data. Tests are only as accurate as the network factors between your computer and the other end of the connection. Try these tests numerous times at different times of the day to get a good idea of your true speed to the internet.

Another bandwidth tester

From PCMAG.COM - SurfSpeed measures your web browsing speed and gives you a number that you can compare to other SurfSpeed users. SurfSpeed is NOT a bandwidth meter it's a real world surfing speedometer. You have to download, and install the SurfSpeed program to run the tests. Click here to start the Sign In download process. Click here to read more about the process

 Scan Your PC

Ease your mind and scan your PC for viruses and spyware . . . it's FREE  Click here for more details.  

New web based eMail program

Internet Partners, Inc. has added a new secure version of Horde’s IMP web based eMail program with OpenSLL   Through IMP's intuitive interface, you'll be able to access and manage your IMAP mail account using the simplicity of a standard web browser using a secure connection from anywhere in the world via the Internet ( click here to access it now ).

Some of the new features are the ability to send, and receive attachments through this interface, and to use a spell checker. The spell checker cannot show you words that are not in its dictionary. To look for correct spelling you may wish to use an on-line dictionary like Merriam-Webster's Online .

DSL Service

Internet Partners now offers DSL service for home and businesses - from $29.95

Dialup ISDN Service

Internet Partners continues to offer Dialup ISDN service for those who are unable to get DSL and want a faster connection than available with 56K V.90. Check our pricing we think you will be pleasantly surprised. We have had experience configuring and supporting Telebit NetBlazer, Ascend Pipeline, Cisco, and 3com ISDN dial-on-demand devices.

WAN Configuration

Besides our primary goal of being the best Internet Service Provider in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro areas, Internet Partners can also configure your 3Com or Cisco router for your business WAN. Let us help provide you with assistance with circuit selection and Telco ordering and make sense of the alphabet soup of telephone company acronyms.

Services at a Glance

Here are some of the Internet services that Internet Partners offers:

  • Business Internet Connectivity, both dialup, DSL, and leased line
  • Virtual Web Serving
  • Web Server Co-Location
  • V.90/X2 (56k) Dialup
  • Virtual Domain E-Mail
  • Web Site Design
  • Cisco (and other) router configuration

Usenet News

As one of our many ISP services, Internet Partners offers our customers NNTP access to our powerful Usenet News server. We are also currently allowing public access from the general Internet via our Web interface on the Internet Partners Newsserver. This server is only open for HTTP, it is not an open NNTP server.

Do you live or work in Vancouver?

Guess What? Internet Partners offers business and personal DSL high speed, V.90 dial-up modem, and ISDN dialup service in the Vancouver local calling area as well as the Portland metro extended calling area.

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