Take a few moments to take the following survey and tell us what you think of Internet Partners!

If given a choice between account cost and busy signals, what would you select:
Select the answer that best applies
No busy signals ever for an additional cost
A few busy signals and normal cost
Lots of busy signals at certain times of the day (like from 6:00pm to 9:00pm) on a discounted cost account

How fast is your modem?
Select the answer that best applies
56K V.90
28.8K or slower, but I plan on buying a 56K soon
28,8K or slower, but I don't care
I don't know

What order of importance would you rank the Internet services from Internet Partners?
Rank each in order of importance to you; if two or more are of equal importance, assign them the same rank
Usenet News
Websurfing access
Personal websites
Domain e-mail
Business websites

Have you used our new web interfaces?
Select the answer that best applies
Yes, to check my mail
Yes, to read and post news
Yes, to do both

If you have a business website on Internet Partners, would you be interested in adding any of the following to it? (if it doesn't have it already)
Select all that apply
FrontPage access
ASP capability
Perl capability
Server-side Java/Servlets capability
Webtrends reporting ability

How do you feel about our pricing?
Select the answer that best applies
Excellent value
Good value
Poor value
You're bleeding me dry!!

Would you be interested in any of the following?
Select all that apply
Monthly program to maintain my website for me
Monthly program to maintain my business network for me
Faster Internet connection
Dedicated 24x7 Internet connection
Purchasing a new PC

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