Appropriate Use Policy

Purpose: To determine and implement policies regulating and administrating customer services as provided by Internet Partners, Inc.

This document covers the following areas:

This document and related policies may change without notice and will be updated on a regular basis.

Statement against Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM)

Unsolicited Commercial Email, aka UCE, aka SPAM, is defined by Internet Partners as an e-mail message having one or both of the following 2 characteristics; a) multiple copies of it are transmitted to many different recipients, at approximately the same time, and the recipients are not members of an established mailing list that they have subscribed themselves to of their own volition, b) Any e-mail containing any business proposition including but not limited to the sale of any item, transmitted to any recipient who has not given the sender their e-mail address to use for such transmission.

Some examples of Spam would be; a message transmitted to multiple recipients advertising the availability of a product or service, a message transmitted to a single recipient advertising and/or offering a product or service when the recipient has never given their e-mail address to the transmitter for the purposes of such communication.

Internet Partners does not tolerate the use of it's facilities for the transmission of spam. Transmitting spam using any facility or network connection, including dedicated leased circuits sold to "downstream" customers, is grounds for immediate disconnection from our network and subsequent prosecution. When this policy conflicts with any other policy of Internet Partners it will supersede that policy.

Internet Partners also explicitly reserves the right to implement any filtering procedures on it's e-mail server, and it's routers, to block transmission of such messages from both internal and external sources. This includes filtering such as "blackholing" hosts and networks on the Internet, and rejecting incoming e-mail messages based on content. An example would be blocking an incoming e-mail message containing the statement "This message sent in accordance with US Senate Bill 123456 covering the transmission of unsolicited commercial e-mail"

In order to detect spamming, Internet Partners also requires all dialup customers of it's modem banks to relay outgoing SMTP either through their mailservers, or the central IPINC mailserver, and enforces this through network filtering.

The fact that Internet Partners currently implements anti-spam filtering does NOT obligate Internet Partners to continue to provide this service. Internet Partners does not guarentee that such filtering will be effective in all, or for that matter, any cases. Note that content-based filtering WILL reject e-mail messages that contain the content strings defined in our database, which in rare cases could result in a legitimate e-mail message being blocked. Internet Partners considers the strings defined in it's spam filters as proprietary and they are not available for customer perusal.

Acceptable Usage of PPP accounts (Dialup Accounts Only)

PPP accounts are the most basic service accounts Internet Partners, Inc. offers to customers. They are also the most heavily used type of account in terms of number of customers accessing this service and therefore are subject to the most potential abuse. PPP dialup accounts are to be used on a "dialup" basis, meaning they are used only as needed and in no way are intended to be operating 24 hours a day on an ongoing connection, nor does this type of account support a static IP address. The account may be accessed as little or as much as a customer needs, however Internet Partners Inc has strict definitions of how that service is determined.

  • The service may be used for WWW viewing or uploading via Home Pages or other commercial web servers.
  • The account may be used for reading or posting to Usenet newsgroups, sending or receiving and reading of electronic e-mail, transfering of files via the FTP protocol or telnetting to remote sites.
  • Dialup PPP accounts cannot be used as a commercial avenue or connection for a dedicated server site to the Internet.
  • Simultaneous PPP connections using a single username may not be established into the Internet Partners dialup pool.
  • PPP account holders cannot use automated processes such as checking e-mail or pinging hosts to maintain a constant connection.

IP allocation justification policy

Disclosure: All customers agree to allowing Internet Partners Inc. to fully disclose their name and contact info with the exception of residential customers who consume a _SINGLE_ IP number (/32) who are not required to disclose contact info. (They must permit disclosure of their name, however)

Assignment: All customers are guaranteed a minimum of a single IP number (/32) Assignment on DSL is static unless requested otherwise. Assignment on dialup is dynamic. Assignments above a /32 are automatically made on the following basis:

  • Residential: Anything above /32 requires justification
  • Business DSL: Anything above /32 requires justification
  • Business circuits with NAT-capabable router: Anything above /30 requires justification
  • Business circuits with router incapabable of NAT: Anything above /29 requires justification.

Justification: Justification shall consist of either a printed form signed by the new customer and returned with their signup documentation, or for existing customers, an electronic form submitted via E-mail to Support Staff . The form will contain a "Comment" field that must be filled out, that will be available to the public via RWhois. Note that a single server at the customer site is not a justification for additional IP numbering.

Internet Partners Inc. reserves the right to reassign customer IP numbering at any time for any reason.

Inactivity and disconnect inactivity policy (Dialup Accounts Only)

The account may be disconnected automatically within 15 minutes of inactivity, and will be disconnected after eight hours of continues connection. This time is general and subject to change as mandated by the System Administrator of Internet Partners, Inc. Inactivity is defined as periods when no activity is detected by Internet Partners, Inc. through electronic means and the account is not being actively used by a dialup user. Electronic or mechanical means to avoid an inactivity disconnect are strictly prohibited. Electronic or mechanical means include: pinging the mail server; electronic or software autodialer features to maintain an active connection; repetitive checks for e-mail by autologin to the mail server. Abuse of these conditions and others not identified can result in a customer having their account disabled until these processes are halted in agreement with the Internet Partners, Inc. Appropriate Use Policy. Electronic means of auditing a suspected abused connection will be done by Internet Partners with the above guidelines in mind and with respect for the customer's privacy. Continued abuse or violations of the above conditions my result in a customers account being permanently disabled and all previous agreements rendered null and void.

Usenet policy and acceptable posting procedures

Usenet access is provided to all dialup customers of Internet Partners, Inc. Customers are free to subscribe to as many or as few newsgroups as they wish. In conjunction with established Usenet protocols, Internet Partners, Inc. advises customers not to post to newsgroups until the customer has familiarized themselves with the subjects and established guidelines of the newsgroup. Some restrictions of newsgroup postings have been established by Usenet and are respected by Internet Partners, Inc. Customers unconditionally agree to these protocols and policies with their account. These include:

  • Post articles to groups pertaining to the posting. Inappropriate postings are not appreciated by participants of newsgroups nor are they allowed under Usenet protocols.
  • Some newsgroups do not allow commercial postings. Users are encouraged to verify this before making any such posting.
  • Irresponsible blanket postings to all or large numbers of newsgroups simultaneously with disregard to the newsgroups subject is forbidden.
  • Chain letters are not allowed to be posted
  • Irresponsible newsgroup postings which result in large numbers of complaints to Internet Partners News Administrator may result in a customers account being disabled
  • Customers are prohibited from posting news creategroup and removegroup control messages. Any abuse of this policy will result in a customers account being disabled and all other previous agreements rendered null and void.
  • Internet Partners is not a publisher nor is responsible for content on the newsserver
  • Illegal postings, such as harassment, child porno or copyrighted software (warez) or other data (such as mp3 sound files) are grounds for immediate termination of the account and subsequent prosecution
  • Not all content on a public Internet newsserver is suitable for children, customers are responsible for implementing their own filtering

Any disregard for the above conditions may result in an account being disabled.

Customer responsibility and cooperation

All customers and subscribers of Internet Partners, Inc. agree to make a good faith effort to maintain safe, and secure host computers.  This includes but is not limited to security updates to the host computers Operating System (i.e. all Microsoft Windows versions, Apple OS X, Linux, . . .), and installation of other software that protects the host computers from attack.  All customers and subscribers of Internet Partners, Inc. agree unconditionally to not in any way intentionally or maliciously cause harm to the equipment, software, or processes operating Internet Partners, Inc. Any violations of this agreement will result in civil and/or criminal penalties as prescribed by local, state and federal laws applicable in this area.

The Internet hosts some material deemed unfit for viewing and reading by minors under the age of 18. Some sites contain information both in text and graphical formats that may be considered obscene or harmful. Customers and subscribers of Internet Partners' services will not hold Internet Partners, Inc. responsible for sites and postings which could be considered obscene, lewd, offensive and/or harmful. It is Internet Partners, Inc. policy that individuals are responsible for their own monitoring and viewing habits and those minors in their care. We currently do not filter or screen postings or sites on the Internet as a whole nor do we plan to in the foreseeable future. Customers and subscribers possibly offended by such material are encouraged to explore software options that block or filter sites that may be deemed unsuitable.

In addition to this, customers and subscribers are encouraged to use common sense and courtesy when creating postings and or sites on Home Pages or our WWW commercial server that may be considered offensive to others.

Acceptable Use of Internet Partners Web Servers and restrictions

Users of Internet Partners Web Services, Home Pages and the Virtual Domain Server will be subject to additional charges if their site is receiving excessive use. Excessive use per machine is defined as:

  • Home Pages 100 megabytes/Week
  • Virtual Web Server 500 megabytes/Week
  • Web sites generating sustained traffic in excess of these rates may be subject to additional charges. These charges will be a factor of the violation. (e.g. If a Home Page customer (who has not purchased additional space) has an average transmission of 200 megs per week, they may be charged an additional $25 for the month. (The cost of an additional 5 megabytes of webspace) A Virtual Domain server that transmits an average 1.5 Gigabytes per week may be charged $300 for that month.
  • Current excessive use fees are available from the Sales department, please refer to our current published virtual web hosting rates.

Important Note: Customers are responsible for all data backup of their home, virtual and co-located websites! Internet Partners only manages server backups with the goal of an immediate full server restore, restoring on a site-by-site basis from our backup tapes is not possible. We can set up site mirroring for an additional fee that can preserve data up to a month's window, however we do not offer long-term archival of customer data. We also expressly reserve the right to disable logging on sites generating significantly excessive traffic.

Because highly controversial sites (such as political, religious, pornographic and hate/bigotry sites) frequently attract network-level crack attempts from persons on the Internet, in order to protect our network from Denial Of Service attacks that could disrupt our operations Internet Partners expressly reserves the right to immediately terminate virtual website hosting of these kinds of sites.

Customer shall be precluded from doing any of the following:

  • Posting or transmitting any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, giving rise to civil liability, or otherwise violating any local, state, national or international law, including without limitation the U.S. export control laws and regulations.
  • Posting or transmitting any information or software which contains a virus, worm, cancelbot or other harmful component.
  • Uploading, posting, publishing, transmitting, reproducing, distributing or participating in the transfer or sale, of any information, software or other material obtained through the Internet which is protected by copyright or other proprietary right or derivative works with respect thereto, without obtaining permission of the copyright owner or rightholder.
  • Abusing or fraudulently using the Service in any way not specifically set forth above.

Customer understands further that the Internet contains unedited materials, some of which are sexually explicit or may be offensive to some people. Customer and Customer's authorized users access such materials at Customer's own risk. Moreover, Customer acknowledges that it will comply with all legislation, regulations, case law, and ordinances that regulate the transmission of information content over the Internet.

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