Personal Websites

One question we get asked quite a lot is "How do I access my personal website?" While Internet Partners does provide a personal webspace for any residential dialup account, the webspace is NOT automatically created when your dialup account is created. Personal websites are on a separate server and because of security concerns they are only created if you request one AFTER your dialup account is active. To request a Personal Webspace please E-mail Support Staff.

Personal websites are of the form "http://www.ipinc.net/~username" They can NOT have domain names attached to them (ie http://www.mydomain.com) - this is done with our business Virtual Web Serving offering.

To upload your website to your personal website you will need to use an FTP product.   To see an example of what information you need to enter into the FTP software (click here)What is FTP?  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a type of protocol supported on the Internet that allows you to easily transfer files from your computer to another computer.

Currently we are only offering a very restricted set of CGI programs in the public CGI library that can be run on a Personal Website. This will change eventually, but there will still be a number of restrictions, particularly based on the amount of server resources required. Personal websites are hosted on Solaris Unix, and do not support FrontPage Extensions, (although regular Front Page works fine) or Office 2000 extensions, or ASP, or any other Microsoft-proprietary web server software. Personal Websites that require these things, or that require Perl scripting, or custom-built CGI software, are handled through the Business accounts. The free (with dialup account) Personal Websites are intended for use with static HTML and very low-resource CGI programs such as a counter, or a web-to-email form such as MailMerge.

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