So, you want to see how busy the network is! Well, here is the readout for our networks connection to the Internet. Click on the graph to see a detail readout. The readout is updated in 5 minute intervals - what you are seeing is Real Time!

          This page is set to renew every five minutes. Note that this may not work with all browsers, and proxy servers; you may have to click the refresh button on your browser to view the most current statistics. This is true even after immediately clicking on a graph - because your browser (or proxy server) will cache the picture from the last time that you visited!


Note: Blue is the traffic coming in from the Internet and Green is outbound traffic

Reading the Graphs

          In the graphs above, the green area represents the number of bytes per second entering through that feed and the blue line represents the number of bytes per second leaving through that feed. The time scale is along the horizontal axis and has the hour labeled (in 24 hour format), with the current reading being at the right of the graph.

Click for Beaverton, Oregon Forecast Click for Astoria, Oregon Forecast