Dedicated lines mean secure, permanent connections to the Internet - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer speeds from 28.8 analog (standard modem) up to multiple T1's. Do you need a faster connection to the Internet? Are you tired of modem-line disconnects getting in the way of your progress? Our service is efficient, affordable, fast and flexible for your business needs.

          Although Internet Partners doesn't require our dedicated leased-line customers to use a particular brand and type of router at their site, we recommend Cisco routers because of their superior flexibility and reliability. We will configure your Cisco router to connect to our service as part of the initial setup, and can assist in renumbering your network should that be necessary. We specialize in custom Cisco router configuration, and can bring our Internet service into your existing Frame Relay cloud should you already have a WAN in place. If you don't have an existing router we can sell you one at a competitive price - here are our recommendations on Cisco routers for your leased line connection.

          Our setup fee for frame relays includes the ordering of the circuit from your phone company (either QWest [US West] or Verizon [GTE]), which helps reduce the chance of error in the order. Our pricing does not include the local loop charge, which is the fee that your phone company will charge for the use of the circuit, nor does it include any setup fee that the phone company will charge for setting up the circuit.

          For more information on frame relay circuits, consider browsing QWest [US West] Frame Relay Homepage or Verizon [GTE] Frame Relay Services.

          We also offer point to point T1's provisioned through our affiliate, Time Warner or through any other carrier. If the building you are in is ON-NET the local loop cost could be under $100 monthly depending on distance.

Available Options

Service Notes
Dedicated V.90 56K Analog
Dedicated Single Channel ISDN 64Kps
Dedicated Dual Channel ISDN 128Kps
POP3/Fetchmail For batch processed email services
Frame Relay At 56K, 128K, 256K, 512K fractions or a full T1




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