Qwest ADSL modem firmware upgrade procedures

In case you find you must upgrade a Cisco 675 or 678 external DSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE, incorrectly known as a "modem), here's the following procedure to do this. Note that upgrades to prevent trouble from Nimda scans are NOT necessary if the CPE is running in Bridged mode, but Qwest.net is generally using PPP mode.

If you have forgotten the password on your Cisco 675/678, Cisco provides password recovery procedures on their website.

  1. Ensure that HyperTerminal is installed on your PC if not install from Windows setup CD.
  2. Get the appropriate code needed from the following URL and put in your HyperTerminal directory on your PC:
  3. Disconnect WAN port (WALL) of CPE from phone line, and if the CPE is a 678 also the Ethernet line (ENET).
  4. Connect HyperTerminal (using the settings 38400bps, N,8,1 NO flow-control) to the CPE console port using console cable supplied with CPE.
  5. Hit enter in HyperTerminal until you get the > prompt at CBOS.
  6. Type enable and hit enter until you get the # prompt.
  7. Issue show version and determine if you're in Bridging mode or PPP mode.
  8. If in PPP mode then back up config by downloading ASCII in HyperTerminal and issuing show run to the CPE, remember to turn off ASCII text capture when you get the config copied.
  9. Issue command set download code at CBOS and start a regular xmodem upload with HyperTerminal.
  10. Let the CPE reboot itself twice to get code updates.
    IF you are running in PPP mode then at this point STOP and plug phone line back in and try the CPE out - if it works then STOP HERE. If it doesn't work then your configuration has been munged and will need to be reentered from your backup. Call Internet Partners for technical assistance at this point! (It is VERY UNLIKELY that any 675 or 678's connected to IP will be in PPP mode!)
  11. Login to enable mode of CPE again.
  12. Issue the command:
    set nvram erase
  13. Issue the command:
  14. Issue the command:
  15. When the CPE reboots and comes back up, go back into enable mode then issue the command:
    set bridging rfc1483 enable
  16. Issue the command:
    set bridging management enable
  17. Issue the command:
  18. Issue the command:
  19. When the CPE reboots and comes back up, go back into enable mode then issue the command:
    show version
    The CPE should show the current code version as well as a sentence stating that it is in bridging mode. This is very important!
  20. IF the CPE is a 675 then plug the phone line back in and STOP HERE you are DONE. IF the CPE is a 678 then issue the commands:
    set in wan0-0 close
    set in wan0-0 vpi 0 vci 32
  21. Issue the command:
  22. Issue the command:
  23. Plug the phone line (WALL), and Ethernet (ENET) back into the 678 CPE and verify that it trained and you're back online.

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